The Top Flight Men's Gold League is governed by FIBA International League rules with a few modifications specifically tailored to our league.

Gold League teams will be limited to two "Pro Players" per team. Any team playing with more than two "Pro Players" at any point during the season will be sanctioned with an automatic forfeiture of ANY game/s more than two "Pro Players" participated in. Forfeitures can be given retroactively if it has been found that teams participated with more than two "Pro Players" at any point during the regular season or playoffs. All wins will be vacated by the offending team.

* Ignorance of a players past playing history will not be an excuse for to escape punishment.

As per league rules, a "Pro Player" is defined as anyone who has played in the ABL, TBL, Thailand Division I., (Kor Cup), National Team, NCAA Division 1-3, or any other FIBA Sanctioned League in the past 10 years from the start of the league.


Games will be played in 10-minute quarters (stop clock). Shooting Foul penalties will be assessed after the 4th Team foul. The 1st overtime and 2nd overtime will last 5 min. The 3rd overtime will be 3-minute running clock. The 4th overtime will be penalty shootout.


A Player from each team will shoot a free throw. The team wins the shoot out when their player makes the free throw and the opposing teams player misses their free throw. If players on opposing teams both make or both miss their free throws then both teams shall designate another free throw shooter, however, the same player cannot shoot multiple attempts until all team members have had an attempt.

Teams designate their free throw shooters however the same player cannot shoot multiple attempts until all team members have had an attempt.

* Possession arrow and foul penalty situations will carry over into overtimes.


Top Flight reserves the right to dismiss anyone from the league for what it deems as inappropriate conduct. Top Flight observes a zero tolerance policy on verbal or physical abuse towards any member of the Top Flight staff, referees, game officials, and spectators.

1.1 After a player is assessed 2 technical fouls an automatic 1-game suspension will be given. After the 3rd technical foul a second 1-game suspension will be given. After the 4th technical foul a 2-game suspension will be given. After the 5th technical foul the player will be dismissed from the league for the remainder of the season.

1.2 Any physical altercation where a punch is thrown mandates an automatic 2-game suspension. Depending on the nature and severity of the altercation, Top Flight reserves the right to dismiss the participants in the altercation from the league. A second physical altercation is an automatic dismissal from the league.

* No refund will be given in the event of suspension or dismissal from the league


2.1 . Before every game, designated team captains must fill out official team rosters (first and last names as well as jersey numbers) and submit the completed roster to the scorers’ table. Games will not begin until game officials have received the roster.

2.2 All games will commence no later than 10 min after the scheduled start time.

2.3 In the event that a team cannot field at least 4 players by the end of the 10-min grace period an automatic forfeit will be declared for that team.

2.4 In the event that neither team is able to field at least 4-players a loss will be recorded for both teams. Games will not be replayed for any reason.


3.1 All roster changes must be requested in writing 7 days prior to the next official game. Roster changes must be approved by the league commissioner. Any player attempting to play with another players registered uniform will be automatically suspended from the league. The team will be issued an automatic forfeit of that game.

3.2 Players must bring valid government identification (i.e. passport drivers livens ID card) to the venue on game day and be prepared to present the identification upon request

3.3 In order to be eligible for the play-offs a player must have competed in 30% of regular season games (3 games) otherwise said player is not eligible for post-season games.“

3.4 .Teams that knowingly attempt to play with an unregistered player will be assessed a forfeit and risk suspension from the league.



4.1 .All uniforms worn in the league must be approved by the league commissioner.

4.2 Players must wear the official uniform approved by the Top Flight Men’s League. No substitutions will be allowed for either shorts or jersey. NO EXCEPTIONS. Any team not adhering to this dress code will be assessed an automatic forfeit of said match.

4.3 For players wishing to wear an under-shirt under their uniforms, the undershirt should match the primary color of the uniform or be white. No others colors will be permitted.

4.4 Players will not be permitted to wear jewelry of any kind during games (rings, chains, earrings, bracelets)

4.5 Fingernails should be cut to a safe length in order to ensure the safety of other players in the league


A disciplinary council will be convened to hear appeals made to the commissioners rulings. The council will be comprised of the captains of every team in the league. In order for a commissioners ruling to be overturned, there will need to be a vote of the majority of the council members in dissent of the commissioners ruling.

All appeals must be written and made within 24 hours of a specific ruling.