Gold League

The Top Flight Gold League was created in 2011 for everyday individuals to have the chance to play in a competitive basketball league against some of the best semi-professional and professional players the city.

Games are highly competitive and have allThe features of a professional league i.e. statistics, game officials, and box scores.

Although the majority of players in the league are every day guys and weekend warriors, in the Gold League teams are allowed to have two professional players on their rosters.

* A Pro Player as defined by the league is anyone who has played in the ABL, TBL, Thailand Division I (Kor Cup) National Team, Kings Cup, or any other FIBA Sanctioned League in the past 10 years (October 2005).

We allow Pro Players in the Gold League in order to raise the bar of the talent level and to give our regular guys a chance to test their skills against the Pros.

In the Gold League there is no age restriction, players of all ages are welcome to take part in the league.

There are two main types of registration for the Top Flight Gold League; Team registration (15 players maximum) and Free Agent (Individuals) Registration. Individual registrants are placed on The Top Flight Free Agent Team sponsored by the league and affiliated partners.